How to Get Past the Awkward Stage on Your First Date with an Escort

As a guy, the level of difficulty in handling the first date is doubled when it is done with an escort. Nothing is more awkward in asking a woman out when you know the whole purpose of it. No matter how cautious you are of your actions, it is inevitable for the woman to feel that everything is a transaction. There are no hard and fast rules when dealing with female escorts in Sydney, but it helps if you know the right options on what to do.

Head for the beach instead of the mall.

Beach dates, for one, is not traditional. However, it is a great means for you to be up close and personal with someone you are going wild with later on. You may offer your date a sunscreen rub on her back until her bra gets accidentally removed. There are many possibilities for you to build up your interaction until you get to the most exciting part.

Hop from one bar to another.

It’s not fun to see the same sight, sounds, and lights the whole night. It’ll be more exciting and interesting to visit a couple more bars, particularly those that have varied themes. You can ask your date to pick a favourite and let her talk about why. It’s easy for you to gauge her personality through that.

The carnival is the best place for you to experience an adrenaline rush.

Research revealed that sexual activity is enhanced when the partners go through any activity that induces an adrenaline rush. If your girl is up for some adventure, you may ask her to ride with you on a roller coaster. It’ll be a great prelude to something of the same intensity later on.

Ghost hunting is not really a bad idea.

Surely, there’s a local place known to be haunted. You can get your blood pumping by going there with your partner. It’ll be nice to know what frightens her. More likely, the excitement of ghost hunting will be carried over to the next part.

Play some pool.

You can team up and play against another team at the pool table. You may also go one-on-one with each other. Oftentimes, a little excitement is just what you need to ignite the fire.

The roller rink is a great place to break the ice.

Get into the groove by getting into the roller rink. You might trip and fall, but you’ll likely end up laughing at yourselves.

The coolest thing about dating female escorts in Sydney is that you can go weird and ridiculous all the way but still have fun.

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