A Girl’s Guide to Gentlemen Clubs in Brisbane

Strip bars in Brisbane are very popular not just to the men, but also to women. It’s a place where women and their friends can try for a girls night out among other celebrations. If you are a woman who have never been to such places, it’s understandable for you to have multiple questions on how things work inside gentlemen clubs Brisbane has to offer. Find some answers to the most common questions below. This is your guide for your first visit.

How do you dress up for a strip club?

You don’t have to overdress when going to a strip bar. Wear something that is comfortable and less formal. Keep in mind that clubs usually get packed, so you might want something that isn’t too thick. Furthermore, you don’t have to wear something overly sexy. A casual dress or a combination of pants and top will already be good enough.

Can you take photos with the stripper?

Rules on photos vary in gentlemen clubs in Brisbane. Some bars allow photo and video recording, while others do not. The best thing you can do is to ask any of the staff inside, first. You also have to value the strippers’ privacy even if you’re a paying guest of the establishment.

Do you still leave tips for the dancers?

Regardless of your gender, you still have to leave tips for the dancers. If you want a stripper to approach you or your group, you can simply ask them to come over. In return, you have to hand them over a good amount of tip for her personal service. The same goes if you want the ladies to perform a lap dance for your group. This extra amount is for the extra work they have done.

How do I turn them down?

If you are not too keen to having these ladies dance near you or to sit in your area, all you have to do is to politely tell them. These girls will understand and respect your wishes. Thank them for paying attention then say “no”. Always be polite when turning them down.

It’s completely normal to feel nervous on your first visit to a gentlemen’s bar. You will have a lot of questions on your mind, and it’s totally okay. Remember the answers above to the frequently asked questions and know your way around the club like a regular visitor. Have a great time inside the strip club with less worries in mind.

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